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Who are we?

ReVenture is a company of highly-skilled, dedicated, and passionate people working to change the world by mobilizing energy innovation.

We have over fifty years of combined business experience in the clean-tech & sustainability fields. Our team is uniquely positioned to help your organization achieve its goals. We leverage the latest smart technologies, renewable energy systems, and organizational strategy to realize the impact you want to make.

ReVenture - for a healthier bottom line and a healthier planet.

Who are we?
what we do?

What we do?

ReVenture is in the business of solving your energy problems, reducing your costs, and addressing the challenges we face today for a sustainable tomorrow.

We help innovative organizations scale game-changing concepts and launch emerging clean-tech innovations. We focus on identifying the right strategies and investments for our clients.

With us, you’ll increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and address climate change risks.

Go ahead and dream; together we’ll make it happen.

Incredible solutions in clean energy are closer than you think. They are, in fact, in development by people like you. While these technologies proceed from prototype to market-readiness, we are committed to connecting you to the latest science and innovation.

ReVenture is serious about addressing climate change, and we want to strategize with you to make it happen.

Let’s do this.

We’re your partner in clean tech.

ReVenture works with organizations like yours to increase efficiency, reduce costs and get to market through emerging clean technologies that are reshaping how consumers, businesses and communities succeed.

We mobilize innovation We energize ingenuity We power the future

Get to Market

We’ll show you how to get to market without compromising on your vision, product, or purpose. We have the expertise and network to transform your aspirations and make them happen.

Clean-tech Consulting

ReVenture will guide you through your options for saving money as you go green, and stay with you during implementation. Start leveraging the efficiencies clean-energy offers.

Sustainability Services

A typical commercial clean-energy system can generate revenue for you in as little as five years offering a ROI of more than 200%.

Our Services

For Businesses

Enhance your brand

We know your brand is at the center of all you do. Let us show you how to earn the loyalty of future-focused customers.

Realize with efficiency

With the right strategy, the right use of technology and the right team, you can realize faster success, a better bottom line and reduce the expense of getting there.

Grow revenue

‘Do good’ and ‘Do well’. You no longer have to choose. Our core belief is that the best opportunities come from achieving both. And we’ll prove it.

For Communities

Long term strategy

We have a bold vision for a hopeful, abundant future. We are serious about addressing climate change, and we want to work with you to make a difference.

Local sustainability

Transform your community into a green, money-making enterprise attracting people who value quality of life and sustainable futures.

Community engagement

The communities of today need the leaders of tomorrow. Think big and be bold. Realizing your vision just might be easier than you think. We know how to make your plan a reality.

For Innovators

Get to market

We’ll show you how to get to market without compromising on your vision, product or purpose.

Amp your impact

We have the expertise and network to take your aspirations and make them happen.

Plan to profit

We know how you can ‘do good’ and ‘do well’. Our strategies combine, investment, innovation and ingenuity to create success.

Why we’re better

With over fifty years of combined clean technology experience, our team is leading innovation and strategy with businesses around the world. We bring ingenuity to deliver ROI on every project.

On the front lines

We provide end-to-end support in the research, development, construction, and operational stages of your project. Our team is invested in systems change on a global scale, influencing policy and advocating for the future.

Go green, get green

We offer solutions to reduce the amount you spend on energy, lifting your brand as a leader in conservation and efficiency. ReVenture has solutions for you to profit from clean-tech.

Ask any question, love the answer

ReVenture is the only consulting choice you need to make. Our services include guidance in strategy, culture, business development, energy production, efficiency, and LEED solutions. Let’s do this.